How Delivery Works

Steps to get your Trinity Farm delivery

1. Find out if we deliver to your area on the Delivery Area page, or phone us on 0115 9442545 or email, to find out.

2. Choose what you want and order it. It must include one of our Veg box options or a minimum of £12.50 of individual selected items. (We ask that any order is placed 24 hours before the day of delivery)

3. Choose a payment option.

4. We deliver on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, please check our deliver area for more details.

5. You can Set up a weekly box delivery or just order a one off.

6. You can put your box on hold at any time. There are no contracts.

7. All deliveries are FREE but there is an option to pay £2 helping hand donation to help us cover costs of fuel and packaging.