Spinach (Trinity Farm) - per 200g bag


Spinach is sold by the bag.

Full of Iron and vitamin A, spinach is a vegetable that most people either love or hate. It's distinct bitter flavours are best when lightly steamed till just beginning to wilt, it offers a fast, light and succulunt side to any meal.

Trinity Farms organic produce is planted, nurtured and grown by hand, to the most rigorous Demeter standards, to ensure that the most vibrant flavours are present in our produce. And if we haven't grown it we ensure that the organic vegetables, salads and fruit that we buy has been grown to similar exacting standards. So why not try our freshly grown biodynamic produce, we are sure you will taste the difference!

Ideas from friends of Trinity Farm Organics.

  • Big ol' salad with any kind of fruit/veggie high in vitamin C, important to get the best out of it. Spinach works really well with blueberries or oranges, crazy enough (From Harry Thomas)

  • Spinach soup, simple but yummy. Heat the spinach add boiling stock gradually (maybe a chile and some garlic). Then blend. Serve with cream and a dash of cayenne. (From Eva McKenna)

  • Fry onion, garlic, chilli, mushroom, nutmeg add washed spinach and cover...yum.

  • Fresh and raw, bit of balsamico and sunfloweroil, salt and black pepper.


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